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“This is a lovely book, short, sweet, hilarious. You sit in front of the mirror, you have your reflection, your bald head, and color markers, and then you draw hair that represents how you feel: anything to get it out and have a sense of humor and this gal is hilarious! It's adorable, a valuable, valuable book to give someone as a gift or give to yourself.”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host KFWB 980

“Highlighted Titles of Independent Publisher is where we recognize the best of the newly released, independently published titles reviewed by our editorial staff.
Mirror Makeovers & Savvy Insights is honored this month for exhibiting superior levels of creativity, originality, and high standards of design and production quality. Being chosen as an Independent Publisher Highlighted Title brings well-deserved attention to the book, author, and publisher.”

Independent Publisher Book Awards


“Savage decided to take a lighter approach. She gathered some colored markers, sat down in front of the mirror, and drew hair on her reflection. On good days, she was the perky person under the blonde bouffant hairdo with the bow. On bad days, she drew snakes covering her head in the mirror. “Medusa days,” as she calls them, are when you're mad at the world.
The lighthearted illustrations complete the package of a fun, creative way to get through cancer.”

CURE Magazine

“This book is truly inspirational! A real page turner, very creatively constructed, and emotionally refreshing. I love the illustrations! I've had close friends and family members who have gone through chemo, and I wish we could have had this book at the time. Ms. Savage knows what cancer patients go through – she is able to really connect with the reader. And her humor is enjoyable. You will laugh and cry at the same time while reading! This book is a MUST for anyone going through cancer.”

Susanne Whitcom

“I've heard it said that cancer is a disease of enormous cruelty and unpredictability. Going through cancer treatment can sometimes be severe and exhausting. It can most certainly bring on depression. Regina's book has a way to help a person choose to have a better day no matter the difficulty. There is no cancer book as unique, uplifting and completely fun. As an individual working with women who have cancer, I find that Mirror Makeovers can be used as a tool in the emotional healing process.”

Francine Zorehkey, Ph.D.

“Regina hits the nail on the head when she shares her own personal story of the cancer experience. She is able to put “can” in the experience of cancer. You “can” find hopefulness. You “can” find humor. You “can” move forward in a positive direction. This book with its whimsical characters helps cancer survivors know that their feelings are normal and it allows for an outlet to experience them in a positive way.”

Shawnmari Kaiser

“I enjoyed your video very much. I really think that your friendly, genuine, kind personality, plus listening to you speak and watching your video, uplifted us in some big ways. I've been attending the meetings on and off for the past four years and last night was the first time that I experienced so much excitement and socializing at the end of our meeting. You were the best speaker that I have heard in a long time! Having a positive and witty gal like yourself made having cancer...not so serious.”

Julie Garcia, Cancer Patient, St. Joseph’s Hospital – Colorectal Cancer Support Group

“Making new patients feel welcome and giving them a sense of security is so important. Being able to share Regina's book, as well as her wit and wisdom, is a wonderful tool.”

Erin O’Neill, New Patient Liaison, Orange Coast Oncology Hematology, on purchasing copies of the book to give to newly diagnosed patients

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